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The breath, the word of God, does not bloom in vain! He has entrusted it to your hands. - Toltec Wisdom

The pre-eminent figure of Toltec mythology is Quetzalcoatl, a divinity who also appears among the other ancient Nahua Indian tribes of the central Americas, including the Maya, K’iche, Pipil, and Zapotec peoples. Quetzalcoatl means "feathered serpent," representing the combination of human and divine, the crawling beast of the earth and the creature of the air. The Egyptian school often used the serpent and snake to represent aspects of divine and earthly qualities as well. Just as the Egyptian school depicted the internal struggle of Good and Evil through the legend of Horus and Seth, so too the Toltec school paired Quetzalcoatl with a worthy adversary named Tezcatlipoca, instigator of discord and war, who challenged Quetzalcoatl, considered the savior of humanity