Awakening Apollo
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Being Present to Your Own Life

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Simple also does not mean indefinite. The momentary taste of presence, of the awareness of oneself in the moment, is the most specific and most definite experience that we ever have. It often happens that we associate a moment of presence with the circumstances that surrounded it rather than with presence itself. Because of this we can spend time trying to recreate an external experience, hoping it will evoke presence again. By making persistent efforts to be present, we come to understand that being present to an experience is different from going through the experience. Along with this, we must also begin to learn what is not presence. In this way we can come to understand when a line of effort is not yielding any results. It also means learning to recognize when something within us tries to masquerade as presence.

After gathering some moments of presence, as well as gathering experiences of struggling and failing to reach presence, one comes to understand the importance of finding ways to be more present more often. One comes to understand that without presence there is no real life, only an imaginary life. Presence is divine. It is the divine spark that brings us to that Great Pearl, our Higher Self.