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The Kingdom of God is within you. – Jesus

The Old Testament predicted the arrival of a great spiritual teacher, a Savior or “Christ,” meaning “the Anointed One”. The stories of the religious figure Jesus of Nazareth as described in the early Christian esoteric texts written in the first century AD inspired one of the greatest religious movements in history. These texts are commanding: the story of a religious leader, worker of miracles, and an advocate of a compassionate religion, who was martyred and then resurrected to impart the Holy Spirit or Holy Breath into his disciples and to lead them to spread the Word of God throughout the world. The teachings of Christ greatly influenced succeeding esoteric school traditions: the Gnostic Christianity of the desert and the Alexandrine sects, the Greek and Russian Philokalia traditions, the medieval monastic movement, and the craft guilds who built the Gothic cathedrals.