Path Apollo
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I have seen the deathless triumphant, and the Morning Star who walks divinely among them. – The Book of Going Forth By Day

The scale of the Egyptian school, or schools, was vast, spanning three millennia, a conscious impulse that stretches back into unrecorded history, perhaps to a pre-dynastic school that produced the Sphinx and the Osirion of Seti’s temple in Abydos. The Egyptian school developed a symbology of awakening that finds expression in all literary and artistic mediums available to it: hieroglyphs, legends, papyrus, statuary, friezes, painting, temples, jewelry, and funerary objects. The Egyptian school influenced the Hebraic tradition that followed it, taught the Greek and Roman civilizations, and lasted another half millennium to influence the Gnostic Christians and the Desert Fathers of Syria. From the building of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, to the great pyramids at Giza and the temples of Karnak, Thebes, Luxor, and Abydos, the Egyptian school has left some of the greatest monuments to the advent of consciousness and the infusion of the divine in man.