Shiva and his consort Parvati in their role of transforming earthly love into its consummation in a higher world
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Fellowship Spiritual Art

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3 Buddhist monks Blair
Three Monks
18th century Tibetan
gilt carved wood

The monk within us abstains from the delights of imagination and devotes his life to labor in God’s name. The gesture of the three monks illustrates the tremulous symmetry of a moment of presence, at once giving and receiving.

Meditating Buddha (Spiritual Art)
Meditating Buddha
18th century Chinese
gilt carved wood

The pearl on the Buddha’s forehead emerges from the inner friction to awaken. The lowered eyes ignore inner and outer distractions, while the upraised palm hails the achievement of a moment of presence.

Small seated Buddha
Seated Buddha
18th century Chinese
blanc de chine porcelain

The jolly rotund Buddha, seemingly a contradictory image for ascetic practices, represents a steward filled with presence, satisfied with the moment and wanting nothing more.

Door frame Shiva
Krishna Dancing with the Milk Maids (detail from a pair of doors)
19th century Indian
carved wood

A dancing figure symbolizes presence achieved, the momentary lift from the habits of sleep to the lightness of one’s Self. The maidens—the ‘I’s in us that work to achieve presence—must learn to dance to the measure of Krishna, the god within.

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