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Fellowship Spiritual Art

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Quan Yin
Guan Yin, Goddess of Mercy
18th century Chinese
blanc de chine porcelain

Guan Yin is the Chinese version of the bodhisattva of compassion and mercy. Along with many other female figureheads in both Eastern and Western religious traditions, Guan Yin represents the open, emotional nature necessary for inner development.

Quan Yin 18 arms

Guan Yin with Eighteen Arms
18th century Chinese
blanc de chine porcelain

In esoteric works of art, a multiplicity of limbs, animal figures, or decorative elements often represents “control of the passions,” the moment when presence steps forth and the chaos of imagination recedes. Here the eighteen arms of Guan Yin each perform their designated function without interfering with her serene comportment.

Feast of the Gods (Spiritual Art)
Feast of the Gods (detail)
18th century Chinese
carved ivory

The gods, like the angels, represent our higher feelings and aspirations, at continual service to the higher self. Gods at play represent a sequence of successful efforts to elicit presence from everyday life.

Foo dogs
Foo Dogs
18th century Chinese
carved ivory

Imperial guardian lions, or Foo Dogs, are mythic, unsleeping sentinels that guard the entrance to Chinese Imperial palaces and temples. In our own inner work, we strive to develop guardians of our own inner temple, watching each external impression or fleeting thought that may take us from the moment.

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