Awakening Apollo
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The Higher Self

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How can we know that we are actually more awake and that we are experiencing our Higher Self? The simple answer is that the Higher Self recognizes itself. The more mechanical and associative aspects of our being will always doubt and complain; even a profound experience of presence will not change this. It therefore becomes a necessary part of our work to anticipate the waves of doubt and imagination that will follow an experience of presence, and to distinguish between what is more real and what is less real in ourselves.

The internal work that a sincere person creates in himself or herself over time is based on distinguishing what is more real and less real, what is presence and what is not presence. Since we often say "I," and since it is not the Higher Self who is saying this most of the time, we come to understand that often only one part of us is speaking, a part that wants something, remembers something, or opposes something. This can lead to a multiplicity of confusions when we believe that it is always the same person who speaks. The lower parts of ourselves speak and act automatically; the Higher Self is present and attends consciously to the needs of the moment.