Awakening Apollo
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Imagination and the Lower Self

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The term lower self means the part of us that considers our mechanical life to be real and sufficient. The lower self is opposed to Divine Presence, and when we make active efforts to be present and sustain presence, the lower self continually tries to lure us away from this effort. The lower self is not a single being inside of us, but rather the collection of attitudes, dreams, and mechanical habits that dwell within us. Since so much of our day passes quite freely in this state, the lower self has convinced us that this is all there is to life; basic, periodic awareness of our life is enough while true Divine Presence is unnecessary and intrusive.

The effort to be present is a constant struggle against imagination and the lower self. This struggle never ceases. If we think that we have reached a state of presence where the lower self no longer can oppose it, then we are already back in imagination. As we come to understand the depth of our sleep and the necessity of awakening, we no longer think of presence as an interesting luxury. Our desire to work practically to achieve moments of presence will grow as we yearn to connect with our Higher Self.