Being Present
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An embrace between the visible and invisible worlds, between the lover and the Beloved
An embrace between the visible and invisible worlds, between the lover and the Beloved.
Being Present © 2009
August 2009

The Invisible

The lover visible, the Beloved invisible—whoever saw such love?


Beyond our sensory experience of the world exists an invisible dimension; the intangible that we cannot touch, the ethereal that we cannot see, the indefinable that we cannot think, a formlessness that we cannot shape. Yet this invisible dimension is so real, so full of life that without any connection to it, existence would have little meaning. Out of this dimension comes the creative spark for artistic vision and work. From this dimension come the symbols, mythology and parables that instruct the human heart. Intuition arises there, a hint at the possible communication with one’s higher Self. But how can we trust in what we cannot see?


The visible is connected to the invisible in many ways. Although one cannot ‘see’ the perfume of a rose, the sense of smell evokes what the eyes cannot see. On another level, presence goes beyond the realm of the senses and ‘knows’ what the senses cannot know. Presence has no filter of personality, no sense of taste, no sense of limit, and is not confined by time, space or death. Through presence, we develop another ‘Being’, an invisible part of us that has no sex or religion, character or type. Invisible presence is more real in us than the transient, ephemeral thoughts and emotions of the many I’s.


In many ways, we already live in the invisible. Being present prepares us for an existence that is no longer restricted by form, an existence purely aware, where our ‘senses serve to affirm, not to know.’ Through consciousness, we begin to live apart from organic life on earth. Our awareness gathers strength for another kind of existence, a consciousness separate and free from the dualism of the senses. Finally, we leave the world as pure presence, disappearing without form or identity, as a ‘drop becomes the ocean.’
The essence of God is existent, but invisible; the world is non-existent, but visible.
The purpose and essence of the known life, the transient, is to form and decide identity for the unknown life, the permanent.
Walt Whitman
We specialize in invisible presence, which lasts forever.