Awakening Apollo
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Being Present to Your Own Life

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What does it mean to be present to our lives? We have been habituated to passing through our life with little or no presence. Yes, we are aware of things; we can focus on things and direct our attention to details or panoramas. But to be present means something more: it means to be aware of the external world in which one is acting and simultaneously observe how one’s inner world is stimulated by the external world.

The awareness that accompanies us throughout the day is automatic. But to go beyond this level of awareness requires an intentional effort, an effort that can only come from ourselves and be sustained by ourselves. Because it is not automatic, however, we need to learn how to make this effort, and have help sustaining it.

In order for a system of awakening to be truly practical, each person must be able to verify that its techniques work for them. To verify means to demonstrate to oneself that something is true or not true. As the foundation of spiritual work, verification enables a person to acquire a direct relationship to awakening. Spiritual work reveals whether or not you are awake or asleep in the moment.