Awakening Apollo
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Imagination and the Lower Self

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Why are we not present to our life? Why did we not come to this simple truth ourselves? Why do we have to be told about it by someone else, and then why do we need the guidance of an awakened teacher in order to sustain our presence with any frequency?

The answer to these questions is that throughout our life we have always wanted something more than presence or our real Self. And because we wanted it more, this is what we received. What we have wanted above everything else is imagination.

Imagination is the world of dreams and internal chatter. Imagination almost always controls our internal state. We may be immersed in a daydream to such an extent that we do not hear or see what is around us at all; the dream itself fills our mind and sensations so much that it becomes the primary experience of the moment. If we are performing some intentional work or otherwise trying to pay attention to what we are doing, imagination still persists with a steady stream of chatter and random thinking. And at any moment a new thought can send us off into another dream, or another internal monologue. Many circumstances in our life are arranged so that imagination can proceed unhindered. If we can do something with less conscious effort on our part, our inclination is almost always to take the easy road. Imagination settles for what is easiest, and imagination convinces us that all is still well and that we need not worry about the present.