Path Apollo
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The Core of Our Practice

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The core of the Fellowship’s practice rests on two endeavors: to understand a system of keys that provides a method of transmission of knowledge on how to awaken; and to make continual efforts to be present in each moment. These continual efforts have traditionally been referred to as the Inner Prayer, the Jesus Prayer, Inner Yoga or Meditation.

Awakening has been the original focus of all great religions. Religious traditions often hide this message, however, in mysterious forms, which can only be understood through keys that are handed down from one tradition to the next.

A key is a representation of something; it is not the thing itself. This means, for example, that reciting a text or looking at an image is not by itself intended to produce Divine Presence. There is never any substitute for making personal efforts in the moment to awaken. What keys provide is a means of conveying ideas in a way that can both inspire members to make effort as well as deepen their understanding of what efforts to make and how to make them. The inner meaning of any key is always the same: to be present to one's own life.