Apollo, the Heart of the Fellowship

The main spiritual center of the Fellowship, located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Northern California, is called Apollo. The property encompasses approximately 1200 acres of pine forest and meadow, crowned by a vantage point that looks westward to the Sacramento Valley and eastward to the snow-capped High Sierras. For over thirty years members have cleared and worked this land, gradually transforming nature’s wild terrain into a center for spiritual activity, where conscious labor and mutual commitment yield both internal and external achievements. One of the Fellowship’s major external achievements is the Theatron, a stone amphitheatre modeled after ancient Greek outdoor theaters, where students meet together for festivals, meetings, and funerals.

From the beginning the Fellowship understood that the careful arrangement of impressions enhances internal work. This became a hallmark of its spiritual process and a touchstone for the standards of beauty that Apollo inspires in its members every day. By focusing on the different qualities of impressions, members garner inspiration from any circumstance, and recognize the intangibles of the spirit in all that they experience. They also refine and complete the moment by attending to whatever each moment requires.

Fellowship members find the pace of daily life at Apollo both intense and serene, both invigorating and relaxing. As the heart of the Fellowship, Apollo itself is a primary source of inspiration, as it teaches in each moment the importance of the Art of Divine Presence.