Fellowship Work on Presence

The primary aim of the Fellowship of Friends is to produce Divine Presence in its members. Members learn both the principles of awakening and practical methods to apply those principles in daily life. This spiritual work requires the instruction and guidance of an awakened teacher, a body of precise knowledge, the understanding and support of others working toward the same aim, and an environment in which to work.

In the Fellowship one comes to understand that awakening is a life-long process; as such, every detail of one’s life becomes an opportunity for work. The Fellowship not only supports this idea in theory, but also helps each member to develop habits that support awakening. A person learns to recognize throughout the day when he or she is more awake and less awake, and learns how to rise out of sleep and imagination and into moments of presence. The person also learns to recognize results, and to distinguish real results from imaginary ones. In the Fellowship each member learns to be honest with himself or herself. The simplicity and directness of the struggle to awaken precludes maintaining an attitude that is satisfied with anything less than real awakening.