Centers Around the World

The Fellowship of Friends is both international and multi-cultural. The primary aim of each center is to foster an environment in which the individual can pursue the moment-to-moment work of being present to his or her own life. Among the activities offered are weekly meetings, inspirational readings, classical music events, organized work projects, and formal dinners.

Each center of the Fellowship offers an introductory meeting free of charge where a person can learn more about the work of awakening, as well as meet Fellowship members. After attending an introductory meeting, a person can then become a member, though there is no obligation to join after completing a meeting.

Local and regional meetings and events are scheduled annually to afford members the chance of meeting others and of enhancing their individual understanding and practice of awakening. Members in outlying centers also make regular efforts to visit Apollo, the heart of the Fellowship. By participating in the daily life at Apollo on a periodic basis, each member acquires both a deeper understanding of the living experience of presence and a better understanding of the Fellowship as a whole.