The Work of Our Spiritual Teacher

The principal work of our spiritual teacher is to initiate and prolong Divine Presence in the lives of Fellowship members. He does this in many ways: by conveying special knowledge; by offering exercises, personal tasks, and opportunities to work; and by simply being and allowing us to be. All such efforts spring from his own Divine Presence, and his desire to convey this reality to us.

How does he work in the moment? At one level, he may use an inspired reference to something close at hand as a way of bringing a person out of an inattentive state and more deeply into the present. At another level, he may use all methods and instructions as a way to sustain presence once it has been achieved.

After a period of sincere effort, a member comes to understand that awakening is neither the practice of one exercise nor the overcoming of one obstacle alone. It is a way of life. Awakening has become the way of life of our Teacher, and he invites us to join him in this life.

Our Teacher provides direct instruction. Direct instruction means both using words and communicating without words. It would seem that the use of words is more direct, less subtle and easier to follow. Yet all forms of instruction and learning require effort, and each person must learn to learn. Learning to learn means recognizing and acting upon the obvious, as well as acknowledging subtle, wordless indications that lead to presence. Each person must value his or her time with the Teacher, be it several days or only a few minutes, to garner what he or she can and make further use of it. In addition, a person must recognize opportunities for effort without expecting the Teacher to request them.

Awakening is a personal experience, and our Teacher can provide each member with lessons that are subtle and direct, and unrecognized by others. A simple indication or request, if followed, can open the door to new worlds and possibilities. The Teacher is motivated to work with and for his students because, though he is more advanced, he understands that a sincere person trying to awaken possesses the same potential that he does and will at some time attain what he has attained.

Members have the opportunity to verify that the Teacher is more knowledgeable and experienced in awakening than they are, and that he is even more interested in their spiritual growth than they are. It is on this basis alone–on the verification that one does not know as much as one’s spiritual teacher with regard to awakening–that a right relationship can develop.

Great sincerity is required to accept that although we originally formulated the aim to awaken, our own desire is insufficient. And yet we are never closer to the truth than when we remember this.

Developing a personal relationship to the Teacher does not depend upon proximity to him. His influence permeates through all aspects and dimensions of the organization he created, and the moment a person connects to this organization through any channel, he or she will experience the Teacher’s loving influence directly.